Intelligent Fall-Risk Under Mattress Sensor Pads

New Fall-Risk Technology

Digital Sensor Pads that go Under the Mattress

U.S. Patent No. 10,357,197
Great Britain: GB2555057

A Major Reduction of Infection Risk

Smaller Footprint Lowers Storage Costs

Saves Nursing Time
2 -3 hours per bed per day
(Compared to disposable pads)

A Welcome Change

The Stealth pad gives nurses more time with patients.
The replacement cycle for a Stealth bed pad is a year and a half.
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Help Your Facility:

Greatly reduce infection risk and false alarms.
Save time spent repositioning pads that creep in the bed linens.
Reduce frequency of lifting and injuries.
Save time cleaning and disinfecting pads.
Reduce inventory costs

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Staff Appreciate the Increased Competence and Confidence Associated with Stealth Fall Prevention
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